Cranach - The Flight into Egypt
The Flight into Egypt
Copy after Lucas Cranach the Elder
Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna
18.02.2019 - 11:32
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CDA ID / Inventory NumberAT_KHM_GG3561
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FR (1978) No.FR-none
The Flight into Egypt[CDA 2011]
Copy after Lucas Cranach the Elder[Kunsthistorisches Museum, revised 2011]
about 1600 or later?[Kunsthistorisches Museum, revised 2011]
Owner / Repository / Location:
OwnerKunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna
RepositoryKunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna
Dimensions of support: 71.1 (l) 71.9 (r) x 50.9 (t) 50.8 (b) cm (thinned and cradled) Dimensions of painted surface: 71.1 (l) 71.9 (r) x 50.9 (t) 50.8 (b) cm Dimensions including frame: 83.7 x 62.9 x 6.5 cm [Kunsthistorisches Museum, revised 2011]
Painting on lime wood (Tilia sp.) [Klein, Report 2013] [Kunsthistorisches Museum, revised 2011]
Signature / Date:
Inscriptions, Marks, Labels, Seals:
Reverse of the panel/cradle: - on the vertical batten, top right: paper label, printed: 'Dépôt Niederl. (Niederl. durchgestrichen, handschriftlich ergänzt: 'Prag. Inventar. 99. 747. Mechel Bald. Grien' (?) - on the vertical batten, bottom right: black paint, stencilled: 'Doppeladler P.99' - on the vertical batten, bottom right: inventory label (trimmed): 'Gemälde Galerie des Allerh. Kaiserhauses No.3561' - on the horizontal batten, bottom right: stamp 'GJ 1949' - on the reverse of the panel, bottom right: square paper label with a stamp: 'Doppeladler mit Krone, C VI' - on the horizontal batten, bottom right: inscription in pencil: 'No. ..(?)' [Kunsthistorisches Museum, revised 2011]
Copy after the version in Berlin, which is dated '1504' and signed with the monogram 'LC' (Berlin, Staatliche Museen, Gemäldegalerie, No. 564 A), FR010
- first recorded in 1737 in the imperial gallery (kaiserliche Galerie) in Prague
[Inventar 1737, No. 1420]: 'Die Mutter Gottes sambt Jesu, sanct Joseph und etliche engeln. Lucas Krannach'

[Kunsthistorisches Museum, revised 2011]
Vienna 1972, No. 33
Sources / Publications:
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Heydenreich 2007 B40
Exhib. Cat. Vienna 1972No. 33
Material / Technique:
  • Date: 08.04.2013
  • Scientific analysis
  • Identification of wood species / Dendrochronology
  • Support
  • Identification of wood species: lime wood (Tilia sp.)
    • analysed by: Peter Klein