Cranach - St Eustace
St Eustace
Lucas Cranach the Elder
Liechtenstein. The Princely Collections, Vaduz-Vienna
02.06.2020 - 14:11
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CDA ID / Inventory NumberAT_PCLW_GE1036
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FR (1978) No.FR108
St Eustace[Sammlungen des Fürsten von und zu Liechtenstein, revised 2013]
St Hubert, kneeling below a Rock upon which the Stag with the Cross is standing[Friedländer, Rosenberg 1979, No. 108]
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Lucas Cranach the Elder [Friedländer, Rosenberg 1979, No. 108]
Lucas Cranach the Younger [Bode 1896] [1] [1] according to Kronfeld 1931, No. A 1036
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about 1515 - 1520[Sammlungen des Fürsten von und zu Liechtenstein, revised 2013] [Friedländer, Rosenberg 1979, No. 108]
about 1520[Exhib. Cat. Luzern 1946, No. 71]
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Owner / Repository / Location:
OwnerLiechtenstein. The Princely Collections, Vaduz-Vienna
RepositoryLiechtenstein. The Princely Collections, Vaduz-Vienna
Dimensions of support: 86.5 x 32.8 cm Dimensions including frame: 102.5 x 48.5 x 3 cm [Sammlungen des Fürsten von und zu Liechtenstein, revised 2013]
Painting on lime wood [Sammlungen des Fürsten von und zu Liechtenstein, revised 2013]
Signature / Date:
Inscriptions, Marks, Labels, Seals:
Inscription on the pommel of the hunting sword: 'AD' [Sammlungen des Fürsten von und zu Liechtenstein, revised 2013]
Saint Eustace kneels reverently in front of a rockface and looks up at the mighty stag who stands above him close to the precipice. A cross springs from his forehead between the sweeping antlers. The hunter carries an array of hunting equipment. A ballock and a hunting sword bearing the initials 'AD' on the pommel hang from a shoulder belt. A piece of armour flashes beneath the red robe. The horse, which is tied to a tree, looks into the far distance and appears to be unaffected by the miracle. With the exception of the hunting dog, who stands behind the kneeling figure of Eustace and - baring his teeth - appears to have got the scent of the stag, the remaining dogs do not perceive the mystical apparition. [Hanzl, Sammlungen des Fürsten von und zu Liechtenstein 2013]
- possibly acquired in 1819 from the Collection of Count Collowrat in Prague by Prince Johann II. of Liechtenstein
[Sammlungen des Fürsten von und zu Liechtenstein, revised 2013]
Lucerne 1948, No. 71
Feldkirch 1971
Vaduz 1979
New York 1985, No. 151
Kronach 1994, No. 150
Luxembourg 1995
Vaduz 2007
Lucerne 2008
Rome 2010, No. 47
Bard 2011
Tokyo/Kochi/Kyoto/Singapore 2012-2013

[Sammlungen des Fürsten von und zu Liechtenstein, revised 2013]
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Material / Technique:
  • Date: 1985
  • Technical Examination
  • Support
  • support thinned and attached to an auxiliary structure
    [Exhib. Cat. New York 1985, No. 151]