Cranach - Isabella Jagiellon (Izabela Jagiellonka)
Isabella Jagiellon (Izabela Jagiellonka)
Copy after Lucas Cranach the Younger
Muzeum Zamek w Goluchowie
20.02.2020 - 02:21
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Isabella Jagiellon (Izabela Jagiellonka)[cda 2018]
Copy after Lucas Cranach the Younger[Muzeum Narodowe w Poznaniu, revised 2018]
about 1850'Middle of 19th century' [Muzeum Narodowe w Poznaniu, revised 2018]
Owner / Repository / Location:
OwnerMuzeum Narodowe w Poznaniu
RepositoryMuzeum Zamek w Goluchowie
Dimensions of support: 20 x 19 cm [Muzeum Narodowe w Poznaniu, revised 2018]
Painting on copper plate [Muzeum Narodowe w Poznaniu, revised 2018]
Signature / Date:
Portrait of Isabella Jagiellon (1519-1559), daughter of King Sigismund I and Bona Sforza; Queen Constort of Hungary
- in the collection of Adolf Cichowski (1794-1854) in Paris, before 1852
- from 1858/1859 in the collection of Isabella Czartoryska Dzialynska in Paris and then in Goluchów (Goluchów Castle).
- in 1940 transferred to Posen (Poznan)
- 1942/1943 transported to Germany
- confiscated by the USSR
- 1946 returned to Posen (Poznan) from Moscow
[Muzeum Narodowe w Poznaniu, revised 2018]
Sources / Publications:
Reference on PageCatalogue NumberFigure/Plate
Kalinka 185234
Interpretation / History / Discussion:
The miniatures in Posen are copies after a series of ten portraits of members of the Jagiellonian dynasty in the National Museum Krakow, which was probably commissioned from Cranach the Younger by Sigismund II Augustus.