Cranach - The penitent St Jerome
The penitent St Jerome
Lucas Cranach the Elder
Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna
22.09.2021 - 21:40
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CDA ID / Inventory NumberAT_KHM_GG6739
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FR (1978) No.FR004
The penitent St Jerome[CDA 2011]
St Jerome in the Desert[Exhib. Cat. Frankfurt 2007, No. 3]
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Lucas Cranach the Elder [Kunsthistorisches Museum, revised 2011][Sandner 1998 B, 150]
Owner / Repository / Location:
OwnerKunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna
RepositoryKunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna
Dimensions of support: 56 (l.)- 55.9 (r.) cm x 41.4 cm
(the support has ben thinned and cradled)
Dimensions of the painted surface: correspond with those of the support
Dimensions including the frame: 69 x 55 x 5 cm

[Kunsthistorisches Museum, revised 2011]
Painting on lime wood (Tilia sp.)
[Klein, Report 2013]
[Kunsthistorisches Museum, revised 2011]
Signature / Date:
bottom, centre, dated: '1502'
[Kunsthistorisches Museum, revised 2011]
Inscriptions, Marks, Labels, Seals:
Reverse of the panel/cradle:

- on the central vertical member of the cradle, from top to bottom:
printed paper label: 'Cranach Ausstellung 1937, Deutsches Museum Berlin, Wien I., Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Burgring 5, Hl. Hieronymus' (bottom right corner torn), on the top left corner, in red paint: '1(?)8'
- beneath this:
Inventory stamp: 'GJ 1949'
- beneath this:
Inventory label: 'Direktion der Gemäldegalerie, Wien I., Burgring Nr. 5, 6739'

[Kunsthistorisches Museum, revised 2011]
Saint Jerome is depicted naked from the waist up, kneeling in front of a crucifix in a woody landscape, with a lion at his feet. In his right hand he holds a stone and with his left he scratches his beard. In the background there are houses and a view of a distant mountainous landscape.

[Tüchler, Schütz, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna 2011]
- probably originally from the monastery of Moodsee
- recorded in the Bishop's residence, Linz, Upper Austria
- 1927 acquired from there by the Kunsthistorische Museum, Vienna

[Kunsthistorisches Museum, revised 2011]
Munich 1938, 74-75, No. 391, Fig. 6
Vienna 1972, No. 2
Frankfurt 2007, No. 3
Düsseldorf 2017, No 2
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Material / Technique:
  • Date: 08.04.2013
  • Scientific analysis
  • Identification of wood species / Dendrochronology
  • Support
  • Identification of wood species: lime wood (Tilia sp.)
    • analysed by: Peter Klein
    • Date: 17.10.2008
    • Technical examination / Scientific analysis
    • X-radiography
    • Lucas Cranach the Elder - Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna - The penitent St Jerome - X-Radiographs
      • created by: Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna
      • Date: 08.02.2008
      • Technical examination / Scientific analysis
      • Infrared reflectography
      • Lucas Cranach the Elder - Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna - The penitent St Jerome - Infrared Images
      • Underdrawing
      • Description
        Tools /Materials:
        - pointed brush and possibly quill (in the head and parts of St Jerome’s body); a fluid black drawing medium
        - sketchy line drawing
        - lines of varying widths were executed freehand
        - curved and straight thin lines as well as broader angular lines; occasional hatching strokes
        - binding for the figure of St Jerome and the crucified Christ, elsewhere rough indication for the final painted version; the curved and straight thin lines describe details in the figure of St Jerome and Christ and define forms in the landscape; the broader angular lines delineate contours and define form; occasional hatching strokes represent volume
        - the painted version exhibits only minor alterations in the landscape to clearly define form
        - Lucas Cranach the Elder
        [cda, 2012]
        • photographed by: Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna