Cranach - The Virgin and Child with Saint Barbara and Saint Catherine of Alexandria
The Virgin and Child with Saint Barbara and Saint Catherine of Alexandria
Lucas Cranach the Elder
Lobkowiczký palác na Pražském hrade (Lobkowicz palace, Prague Castle)
19.01.2022 - 00:44
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CDA ID / Inventory NumberCZ_LP_LR11558
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FR (1978) No.FR086B
The Virgin and Child with Saint Barbara and Saint Catherine of Alexandria[Lobkowiczké sbírky:; accessed 07.07.2020]
Lucas Cranach the Elder [Lobkowiczké sbírky:; accessed 07.07.2020]
about 1520[Lobkowiczké sbírky:; accessed 07.07.2020]
Owner / Repository / Location:
OwnerLobkowiczké sbírky (Lobkowicz Collections)
RepositoryLobkowiczký palác na Pražském hrade (Lobkowicz palace, Prague Castle)
Dimensions of support: 88 x 61 cm
Dimensions including frame: 104 x 73.7 x 5.8 cm
[Lobkowicz collection, revised 2020]
Painting on wood
[Lobkowicz collection, revised 2020]
Signature / Date:
Artist's insignia on the wheel in the foreground: serpent with elevated wings, facing left
The Virgin is seated at the centre of the composition, wearing a red robe and a blue mantle, holding the naked infant Christ and is flanked either side by a female saint. Her long wavy hair is worn loose and falls over her shoulder. The group is positioned in front of a landscape with a castle perched on a hill at the left and a tree marking the central axis. A tower occupies the space on the right-hand side, and as a common attribute of St Barbara it may be inferred that the saint is represented here. A further attribute that of the wheel is visible beneath the robe of the saint reading on the left, and is usually associated with St Catherine. Unusually St Barbara appears to be holding the ring, which is a symbol of St Catherine’s affiliation to Christ and her mystical marriage.
[cda 2020]
- acquired by Ferdinand August, 3rd Prince Lobkowicz (1655–1715)
- before 1948 owned by the Lobkowicz family, the Roudnice branch, Roudnice nad Labem
- after 1948 confiscated by the Czechoslovakian state and held at the National Gallery in Prague (Národní galerie v Praze)
- in 1992 restitution to the Lobkowicz family
- Národní galerie v Praze (National Gallery in Prague)
- Lobkowicz Palace in Prague Castle, Lobkowicz collection
[Lobkowicz collection, revised 2020]
Sources / Publications:
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