Cranach - Salome with the Head of Saint John the Baptist
Salome with the Head of Saint John the Baptist
Hans Kemmer
Private Collection
19.01.2022 - 00:48
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CDA ID / Inventory NumberPRIVATE_NONE-P485
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FR (1978) No.FR-none
Salome with the Head of Saint John the Baptist[cda 2021]
Hans Kemmer [Emmendörffer 1997, 41]
Hans Krell [Auct. Cat. Vienna 1994, no. 151]
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Owner / Repository / Location:
OwnerPrivate Collection
RepositoryPrivate Collection
Dimensions of support: 58 x 51 cm
[Emmendörffer 1997, 42]
Painting on wood
[Emmendörffer 1997, 42]
Signature / Date:
Artist's monogram in the lower left quarter at the edge of the dish: 'HK' (linked) and dated '1520'
Salome is depicted as a seated half-length figure against a neutral dark backdrop, facing to her right. She is wearing contemporary courtly attire, consisting of a red velvet dress with puffed white sleeves and a fur-trimmed cloak, embroidered with elaborate brocade decoration. Her hair is pinned up and covered with a soft velvet fur-lined hat. Her outfit is completed with a large-linked gold chain and a necklace set with precious stones. She holds the head of St John the Baptist in front of her on a plate at an acute angle and presents it to the viewer.
[cda 2021]
- sold at the auction house Dorotheum, Vienna, 18.10.1994, lot 151
- private collection, Austria
[Emmendörffer 1997, 42]
Sources / Publications:
Reference on PageCatalogue NumberFigure/Plate
Emmendörffer 1998212, 213Fig. 22.9
Emmendörffer 199741-42, 49001Pl. 1
Auct. Cat. Vienna 1994151
Interpretation / History / Discussion:
This painting is a copy after a version of similar dimensions by Lucas Cranach the Elder, and now in Lisbon [PT_MNAAL_738].

[cda 2021]