Cranach - Katharina von Bora
Katharina von Bora
Lucas Cranach the Elder
Nationalmuseum, Stockholm
22.09.2021 - 21:55
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CDA ID / Inventory NumberSE_NMS_5017
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FR (1978) No.FR189-190B
Katharina von Bora[Exhib. Cat. Stockholm 1966, 512, No. 1286]
Catharina von Bora, wife of Martin Luther[Nationalmuseum Stockholm, revised 2011]
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Lucas Cranach the Elder [Nationalmuseum Stockholm, revised 2011]
[Exhib. Cat. Stockholm 1988, 52, No. 33]
1526[Pendant dated]
Owner / Repository / Location:
OwnerNationalmuseum, Stockholm
RepositoryNationalmuseum, Stockholm
Dimensions of support: 39 x 26 cm
[Nationalmuseum Stockholm, revised 2011]

Slightly differing measurements in the exhibition catalogue from 1988:
37 x 24 cm
[Exhib. Cat. Stockholm 1988, 52, No. 33]
Painting on beech wood
[Klein, Report 1993]

[Nationalmuseum Stockholm, revised 2011]
Signature / Date:
Pendant with artist's insignia right edge: winged serpent (with elevated wings) and dated '1526'
'The pair of portraits depicting Luther and Katharina von Bora, produced for their marriage.'
[Exhib. Cat. Stockholm 1966, 512, No. 1285]
- 'Queen Christina owned a magnificent collection of works by Lucas Cranach the Elder, some of them inherited, others from the booty from Prague (it is not always clear which).'
- 'appear to have been in the Swedish royal collection since Gustavus Vasa's day; Christina donated them to Johan Holm, ennobled Leijoncrona; he owned the Söderfors anchor works in the parish which now possesses the paintings; in January 1653 Christina gave him 24 copies and 'rubbish' from the 'dispersion from Prague', while in a letter dated 26/1 she expressly mentions both portraits'
[Exhib. Cat. Stockholm 1966, 512, No. 1285]

- 1887 deposit from Söderfors congregation
[Nationalmuseum Stockholm, revised 2011]
Stockholm 1966, No. 1 286
Stockholm 1988, No. 34
Sources / Publications:
Reference on PageCatalogue NumberFigure/Plate
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Exhib. Cat. Stockholm 1966512No. 1286
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Interpretation / History / Discussion:
Maybe identical with paintings in Granberg 1911 – 13, Bd. III, Nos. 252 and 253
[Friedländer, Rosenberg 1979, 108, No. 189B]
Material / Technique:
  • Date: 05.03.1993
  • Scientific analysis
  • Identification of wood species / Dendrochronology
  • Support
  • Identification of wood species: beech wood
    Youngest annual ring: 1521
    [Klein Report, 05.03.1993]
    • analysed by: Peter Klein