Cranach - Princess Magdalena of Brandenburg
Princess Magdalena of Brandenburg
Circle of Lucas Cranach the Elder
Grunewald hunting lodge
23.05.2019 - 02:58
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CDA ID / Inventory NumberDE_SPSG_GKI2240
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Princess Magdalena of Brandenburg[CDA 2012]
Circle of Lucas Cranach the Elder(School) [Exhib. Cat. Berlin 2009, 175, I.25]
about 1530 - 1540[Exhib. Cat. Berlin 2009, 175, I.25]
Owner / Repository / Location:
OwnerHohenzoller dynasty, Georg Friedrich Prince of Prussia
RepositoryGrunewald hunting lodge
Dimensions of support: 51.3 x 37.9 cm [Exhib. Cat. Berlin 2009, 175, I.25]
Painting on lime wood (Tilia sp.) [Exhib. Cat. Berlin 2009, 175, I.25]
Signature / Date:
The painting depicts Princess Magdalena as a half-length figure turned slightly to the right and looking in this direction. She wears a rich reddish orange robe with a stiff collar. The sleeves are enhanced with parallel steps, which are made less monotonous with decorative slits. Her hair is pinned up under a bonnet decorated with pearls. Over this she wears a hat with a feather. Her jewellery consists of numerous chains and rings. The background is dark green.
- 1790 recorded in the Bildergalerie (picture gallery) of the Berliner Schloss (Berlin Palace) as a 'Portrait of a Lady' by Dürer
[Exhib. Cat. Berlin 2009, 175, I.25]
Berlin 2009/10, Cat.-No. I.25
Sources / Publications:
Reference on PageCatalogue NumberFigure/Plate
Exhib. Cat. Berlin 2009 A175No. I.25Fig. I.25
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Börsch-Supan 196446-47No. 49
Puhlmann 179065No. 56
Interpretation / History / Discussion:
‚This painting is probably a copy after a lost painting by Cranach from about 1530, and is quite different from the portrait of the Princess dated 1529 and now in Chicago, which depicts her with a plumper figure and softer features.’
[Elke A. Werner, Exhib. Cat. Berlin 2009, 175, I.25]