Cranach - Stag Hunt
Stag Hunt
Copy after Lucas Cranach the Elder
Öffentliche Kunstsammlung Basel
21.04.2021 - 18:45
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CDA ID / Inventory NumberCH_KMB_179
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FR (1978) No.FR281B
Stag Hunt[CDA 2011]
Copy after Lucas Cranach the Elder[Öffentliche Kunstsammlung Basel, revised 2011]
Workshop Lucas Cranach the Elder [Friedländer, Rosenberg 1979, 126] [Friedländer, Rosenberg 1932, 72]
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about 1600[Koepplin, Exhib. Cat. Basel 1974, 242f, No. 139]
after 1550'a later workshop production' [Friedländer, Rosenberg 1932, 72]
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Owner / Repository / Location:
OwnerÖffentliche Kunstsammlung Basel
RepositoryÖffentliche Kunstsammlung Basel
Dimensions of support: 86.5 x 124.3 cm [Öffentliche Kunstsammlung Basel, revised 2011]
Painting on wood [Öffentliche Kunstsammlung Basel, revised 2011] 'on oak wood' [Koepplin, Exhib. Cat. Basel 1974, 242]
Signature / Date:
Artist's insignia, bottom centre on the tree trunk: winged serpent with dropped wings, facing to the right and dated '1529'; in yellow paint [cda 2011]
Inscriptions, Marks, Labels, Seals:
Reverse of the panel: monogram in brown ink 'HVP [linked, V inside H]' in blue chalk '179' - bottom right: printed label: coat of arms (Baselstab) and 'KUNSTMUSEUM BASEL', handwritten on this: '1941 Nr. 179 (Museum Fäsch) Werkstatt des Lukas Cranach d. Ae. Hirschjagd 1529.' - bottom left: label with '288' [Öffentliche Kunstsammlung Basel, revised 2011]
Faithful copy after the version in Vienna, which is dated 1529 [Öffentliche Kunstsammlung Basel, revised 2011]
- 1823 Museum Faesch
[Öffentliche Kunstsammlung Basel, revised 2011]
Basel 1974, 242f, No. 139
Luxemburg 2007, Bd. 2, 330-332, No. 2
Sources / Publications:
Reference on PageCatalogue NumberFigure/Plate
Exhib. Cat. Luxembourg 2007330-332 (Bd. 2)No. 2
Friedländer, Rosenberg 1979126No. 281A
Exhib. Cat. Basel 1974242-243No. 139
Material / Technique:
  • Date: 2011
  • Technical Examination
  • Copy after Lucas Cranach the Elder - Öffentliche Kunstsammlung Basel - Stag Hunt - ReverseCopy after Lucas Cranach the Elder - Öffentliche Kunstsammlung Basel - Stag Hunt - Overall
  • Support
  • Reverse:
    - horizontal gouge marks
    [Öffentliche Kunstsammlung Basel, revised 2011]
  • Framing
  • - probably original frame
    - 17th century; black with a gilded profile and decorative gold foliage
    [Öffentliche Kunstsammlung Basel, revised 2011]