Cranach - The Justice of Trajan
The Justice of Trajan
Workshop Lucas Cranach the Elder
painting not preserved
16.05.2022 - 07:35
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CDA ID / Inventory NumberDE_AGGD-Lost_457
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FR (1978) No.FR-none
The Justice of Trajan[cda 2021]
Workshop Lucas Cranach the Elder [Wohlberedt 2015, 195] [Exhib. Cat. Berlin 1937, no. 115]
about 1540[Exhib. Cat. Berlin 1937, no. 115]
1578Note in file, Anhaltische Gemäldegalerie Dessau; possibly information found on the frame [Wohlberedt 2015,195, Fn. 6]
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Owner / Repository / Location:
OwnerAnhaltische Gemälde-Galerie, Dessau
Repositorypainting not preserved
Dimensions of support: 218 x 144 cm
[Exhib. Cat. Berlin 1937, no. 115]
Painting on wood
[Exhib. Cat. Berlin 1937, no. 115]
Inscriptions, Marks, Labels, Seals:
- bottom, left corner, in paint: '457.'
This scene depicts an episode in the life of the Roman emperor Trajan widely known from Jacopo da Voragine's Golden Legend of about 1260 and retold by Dante in the Divine Comedy in the early fourteenth century. According to the legend while preparing for the Dacian Wars Trajan was petitioned for justice by a mother whose son had been murdered by Trajan’s own son. The Emperor promised this on his return, but when the woman pointed out that he may not return he immediately held court. On this panel the emperor is shown on horseback at the left, the widow is kneeling at the right with her dead son at her feet and accompanied by a small group of women. A foot soldier stands to attention at the left in the foreground, while a dog sniffs the ground beside him. Large numbers of foot soldiers armed with lances are shown behind the central group and the background opens out into an expansive landscape with a fortress visible on top of a hill at the left.
[cda 2021]
- formerly in the Gothic House (Gotisches Haus), Wörlitz (inventory by August von Rodes, 1818)
- since 1927 Dessau, Anhaltische Gemäldegalerie (Inv. no. 323)
- transferred to Zerbst castle in c. 1940 and was presumably destroyed during the air-raid, 16.04.1945
[Wohlberedt 2015, 194,195, Fns. 7, 8, 9]
Berlin 1937, no. 115
Sources / Publications:
Reference on PageCatalogue NumberFigure/Plate
Exhib. Cat. Wörlitz 2015194-203Fig. 1
Wohlberedt 2015194-203Fig. 1
Exhib. Cat. Berlin 193741115Pl. 92