Cranach - Katharina von Bora
Katharina von Bora
Lucas Cranach the Elder
Wartburg-Stiftung, Eisenach
16.05.2022 - 07:42
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CDA ID / Inventory NumberDE_WSE_M0064
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FR (1978) No.FR189-190D
Katharina von Bora[Wartburg-Stiftung revised 2013]
Lucas Cranach the Elder [Wartburg-Stiftung, revised 2013]
1526[pendant dated]
Owner / Repository / Location:
OwnerWartburg-Stiftung, Eisenach
RepositoryWartburg-Stiftung, Eisenach
Dimensions of support: 22.6 x 16 x 0.3 cm

[cda 2013]
Painting on wood
[Wartburg-Stiftung revised 2013]
Signature / Date:
pendant with artist's insignia top left: winged serpent with elevated wings

[Wartburg-Stiftung, revised 2013]
Inscriptions, Marks, Labels, Seals:
Reverse of the panel:
- centre:
in white paint: '4138.'
- bottom right:
in red paint: 'M64'

[Görres, cda 2013]
Three-quarter length portrait facing left. The arms are bent and the hands are placed one over the other in front of the body. She wears a dark, pleated dress, a black laced bodice with a high collar and beneath this a white blouse and a broad red border, on the fingers of her right hand she wears three gold rings. Her brownish hair is drawn together by a net with a broad red band. Her pale flesh stands in contrast with the vibrant blue-green background.

[Wartburg-Stiftung, revised 2013]
- 1916 acquired (together with the pendant) by Burghauptmann von Cranach

[Wartburg-Stiftung, revised 2013]
- Nuremberg 1983, No. 557
- Berlin 1983, No. E 33
- Kronach 1994, No. 175
- Eisenach 1996, No. 188b
- Wittenberg 1999
Sources / Publications:
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Material / Technique:
  • Date: 02. 2013
  • Technical examination / Scientific analysis
  • Infrared reflectography
  • Lucas Cranach the Elder - Wartburg-Stiftung, Eisenach - Katharina von Bora - Infrared Images
  • 8.03 Underdrawing
  • - an underdrawing is not readily visible
    [Smith, Sandner, Heydenreich, cda 2013]
    • photographed by: Gunnar Heydenreich
    • photographed by: Ingo Sandner
    Condition Reports:
    • Date: 2002
    • good condition, hairline cracks on the surface

      [Wartburg-Stiftung revised 2013]
    • Bearbeiter/in: Daniel Görres