Cranach - The Fall of Man: Eve [recto]; The Virgin as the Mother of Sorrows [verso]
The Fall of Man: Eve [recto]; The Virgin as the Mother of Sorrows [verso]
Lucas Cranach the Elder
Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna
26.02.2020 - 12:48
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CDA ID / Inventory NumberAT_KHM_GG861a
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FR (1978) No.FR112A
The Fall of Man: Eve [recto]; The Virgin as the Mother of Sorrows [verso][Kunsthistorisches Museum, revised 2011]
Lucas Cranach the Elder [Kunsthistorisches Museum, revised 2011]
about 1510 - 1520[Kunsthistorisches Museum, revised 2011]
Owner / Repository / Location:
OwnerKunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna
RepositoryKunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna
Dimensions of support: 137 x 54 cm Inner side trimmed (with a plane: top 5.5 cm, bottom 6.5 cm [Cat. Vienna 1973, 48-49]
Painting on lime wood [Cat. Vienna 1973, 48-49]
Signature / Date:
Pendant with artist's insignia beside Adam's right foot: winged serpent with elevated wings [Cat. Vienna 1973, 48-49]
Recto: Eve shown as a full-length figure beside the tree of knowledge, she holds the apple in her left hand. From a branch the serpent winds its way down towards her. Verso: the Virgin as Mother of Sorrows shown as a full-length figure
- from the collection of Archduke Leopold Wilhelm, No. 323
- Graz 1953
Sources / Publications:
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