Cranach - The Annunciation
The Annunciation
Workshop Lucas Cranach the Elder
Národní galerie v Praze (National Gallery in Prague)
21.04.2021 - 18:18
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CDA ID / Inventory NumberCZ_NGP_DO5350
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FR (1978) No.FR-none
The Annunciation[Cat. Prague 2007, No. 18]
Workshop Lucas Cranach the Elder [Cat. Prague 2007, no. 18] [Exhib. Cat. Prague 2016, 97, no. 10]
Follower of Lucas Cranach the Elder[Exhib. Cat. Prague 2005, no. 30]
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about 1515 - 1525[cda 2014] [Exhib. Cat. Prague 2016, 97, No. 10]
1547 ?Date illegible [Exh. Cat. Prague 2005, No. 18]; possibly added later [cda 2014]
1565 ?[Exhib. Cat. Prague 2005, no. 30]
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Owner / Repository / Location:
OwnerNárodní galerie v Praze (National Gallery in Prague)
RepositoryNárodní galerie v Praze (National Gallery in Prague)
Dimensions of support: 42 x 29 cm [Cat. Prague 2007, no. 18]
Painting on wood [Cat. Prague 2007, no. 18]
Signature / Date:
Inscriptions, Marks, Labels, Seals:
On the reverse side, a paper label with the printed coat-of-arms of the Waldstein family (?) [Cat. Prague 2007, No. 18]
The panel depicts the Virgin at the right kneeling on a prayer stool with her hands held in an attitude of prayer. She looks humbly down at the ground and her head is inclined to the left from where the angel of the annunciation approaches. In her left hand she holds a sealed letter. There is a vase of lilies in front of the Virgin's prayer stool and the Holy ghost, depicted as a dove, floats above the halo around her head. The scene takes place in front of an arch. [Görres, cda 2014]
- Until 1949 Waldstein Collection, Prague ?
[Exhib. Cat. Prague 2005, no. 30]
Prague 2005, no. 30
Sources / Publications:
Reference on PageCatalogue NumberFigure/Plate
Exhib. Cat. Prague 201628, 94, 95, 9710Figs. pp. 28, 94, 95
Cat. Prague 20074418
Exhib. Cat. Prague 2005116-117 (English version 44, 45)30Pl. p. 117
Material / Technique:
  • Date: 06. 2014
  • Technical examination / Scientific analysis
  • Infrared Reflectography
  • Workshop Lucas Cranach the Elder - Národní galerie v Praze (National Gallery in Prague) - The Annunciation - Infrared Images
  • Underdrawing
    - an underdrawing is not readily visible

    [Smith, Sandner, Heydenreich, cda 2014]
    • photographed by: Ingo Sandner
    • photographed by: Gunnar Heydenreich
    Condition Reports:
    • Date: 06. 2014
    • the text on the angel's letter was reinforced - probably later - with green paint and a now illegible date was added [cda 2014]
      History of Restoration:
      • Date: 2005
        • conservation treatment by: Marie Sklenárová