Portrait of the Lady of Schleinitz (?)

Portrait of the Lady of Schleinitz (?)


Portrait of the Lady of Schleinitz (?)

[CDA 2011]

Painting on beech wood


Painting on beech wood

[Hoffmann, Cat. Weimar 1992, 35]

The sitter is shown in three-quarter profile, facing left against a black background. She is wearing a green red with slit sleeves and decorative red velvet appliqué,as well as a neck chain and a hairnet with pearls.

[Görres, cda 2016]

Lucas Cranach the Elder and workshop
Lucas Cranach the Elder


Lucas Cranach the Elder and workshop

[CDA 2011]

Lucas Cranach the Elder

[Hoffmann, Cat. Weimar 1992, 35]

Lucas Cranach the Younger

[Parthey 1863, Bd. I, 707, Nos. 77, 78][1]
[1][Hoffmann, Cat. Weimar 1992, 35]

Production date

Production date


[pendant dated]

Dimensions of support: 58.3 x 39.7 cm (in frame)


  • Dimensions of support: 58.3 x 39.7 cm (in frame)

  • [Hoffmann, Cat. Weimar 1992, 35]

Schlossmuseum Sondershausen
Klassik Stiftung Weimar, Museums
FR (1978) Nr.
Persistent Link


  • in the possession of the Duke of Schwarzburg-Sonderhausen, formerly in the collection of the Neuer Palais zu Arnstadt [Inventar 1786, Nos. 19, 20]
  • since about 1880 in the castle of Sonderhausen [Verzeichnis der in Fürstlichen Schlössern befindlichen Gemälde, aufgestellt von Hofrat O. Vater, Rudolstadt 1898, Bd. II, XVI, Nos. 107, 108]
  • entered the collection in Weimar during the Second World War

[Hoffmann, Cat. Weimar 1992, 35]


Weimar 1972, No. 27, Fig. p. 55


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  • Portrait of the Lady of Schleinitz (?), 1526


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Technical studies

06.10.2014Technical examination / Scientific analysis

  • X-radiography
  • x_radiograph

Equipment: ERESCO 42 MF 4 from the company GE.

Scanner: CRxFlex.

Parameters: 60 KV, 6mA, 20 seconds

Distance from object: 3m

[HfBK Dresden, Prof. I. Mohrmann, K. Risse, 06.10.2014]

  • created by I. Mohrmann
  • created by HfBK Dresden
  • created by K. Risse

04. 2010Technical examination / Scientific analysis

  • Infrared reflectography
  • irr




- fluid dark medium, brush


- presumably thin traced lines; freehand underdrawing, searching (nose corrected)


- binding for the final painted version; lines delineate contours and describe essential features within forms, no representation of volume


- minor alterations made during the painting process to clearly define forms



- not possible


- possibly transferred from a preparatory drawing

[Smith, Sandner, Heydenreich, cda 2012]

  • photographed by Gunnar Heydenreich
  • photographed by Ingo Sandner

1988 - 1992Technical examination / Scientific analysis

  • Infrared photography


- two planks vertically aligned

- joins reinforced with hemp fibre

[Comment, cda 2011: probably not hemp]


Underdrawing visible in some parts of the face. There is a small cross on the neckband and a picture of a child with an illegible inscription, there is a wolf (?) as a pendant on the chain; the stone set in the ring on the index finger shows a heraldic lily

Infrared photograph: J. Fritz, IfD Berlin 1972

Paint Layers and Gilding

- the original edges of the painted surface have been preserved


- original

[Hoffmann, Cat. Weimar 1992, 35]

1972Technical examination / Scientific analysis

  • Infrared photography
  • photographed by Institut für Denkmalpflege, Berlin
  • photographed by J. Fritz

Condition Reports


  • large areas are overcleaned in the face

  • numerous retouches in the area of the collar on the right

  • large areas of the dress, particularly on the right sleeve and the skirt are overpainted

[Hoffmann, Cat. Weimar 1992, 35]

Conservation History


  • among other measures: new varnish

[Hoffmann, Cat. Weimar 1992, 35]

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